Welcome to the Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative is a community-controlled organisation that offers a range of health and community services to the Greater Shepparton community. We work in partnership with individuals, families and community to support them in achieving an optimal quality and standard of living. Through active partnerships we strengthen the health and culture of our people, our way.


We are a large provider of services in the Greater Shepparton area, and one of the largest providers of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Victoria. The organisation employs approximately 200 people and has a budget of nearly $20 million.


Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative has approximately 600 registered members, nearly 30% of the Greater Shepparton Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

Our vision

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative exists to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Greater Goulburn Valley region have certainty of access to community-controlled services. We are resilient and united, providing community-controlled services that grow and strengthen community.

Our values

Rumbalara is the 'Heart of Community' - we value the wisdom and cultural strength of our Elders, the optimism and joy of infants, and the potential of teenagers and adults in creating a positive future while honouring and respecting the past.  We recognise our communities as being among the most resilient and vulnerable in the world. We also recognise and respect the cultural strengths of the individual, family and community by working in partnership with our stakeholders, and by striving to achieve an optimal quality and standard of life that encompasses individuals' physical, social, emotional, cultural needs and wellbeing.