Strategic Plan

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative has been a resource, service provider and enabler of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the Greater Shepparton region for over 35 years. With an annual budget of approximately $20 million and a workforce of about 200 people, the co-operative is a significant employer and economic contributor to the region. We play a high-profile leadership role as one of Australia's largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

In 2016-20, we will work to ensure Rumbalara is a place where everyone works together towards shared goals, for the benefit of everyone. To do so, we must build trust among each other by communicating clearly and being willing to understand each other's point of view. We want to enjoy the strength and pride that comes with making our own decisions that affect our lives, without needing permission or funding from government. We want to keep our strong links to culture and our history, and use this strength to invest in our future leaders, so they can take their place in building the future of our community. Read the Strategic Plan to find out more.

Strategic Plan

The future of the Heart of Community

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative Strategic Plan 2016-20

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