Corporate Services

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative operates its corporate services from the head office at 31 Wyndham Street, Shepparton.

The Corporate Services office is where we manage:

  • Human Resources including hiring and recruitment, employee management, timesheets, and identifying and meeting the training needs of existing staff.

  • Finance and Payroll to ensure the open and transparent operation of Rumbalara's payroll and payment systems, and ensure our financial controls are robust and compliant with legislation.

  • Occupational Health & Safety to provide guidance, regulation and policy to keep our employees and clients safe.

  • Marketing and Communications including events, service promotion, newsletters, direct mail outs, public and media relations, and communication with employees, co-op members, clients and the wider community.

  • Data and Information on our services so we can make informed decisions on how to continuously improve them to benefit everyone in our community.

  • Quality & Risk Management to ensure all Rumbalara's programs and services are operated in an environment of strict compliance with legislative requirements and agreements with our funding bodies and agencies.

  • Procurement of services, products and equipment under a policy that ensures we preference Indigenous suppliers whenever possible.