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Children and school programs


Rumbalara's children and schooling projects provide activities that nurture and educate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families and carers to support their development and aspirations. Our services and programs for children include:

Cradle-2-Kinder program (Yarka Daya)

Rumbalara's Cradle-2-Kinder program is a whole-of-family service for mothers, fathers, children and babies that includes pre-birth support, intensive and long-term interventions, and case-work support, until your child reaches 4 years of age. The Aboriginal Cradle-2-Kinder program provides support for dads and fathers-to-be.

This program helps build parents' confidence and their capacity to provide for their baby's and children's health, safety and development. It also helps build mothers' and fathers' confidence, self-reliance and financial wellbeing by providing access to education, vocational training and employment services.

The Rumbalara Aboriginal Cradle-2-Kinder program brings together a strong case-work network to address potential areas of concern and vulnerability. It provides intensive and specialised early-parenting support to strengthen relationships between parents and children, and helps parents meet the health, development, safety and wellbeing needs of babies, infants and young children.

The objectives of the Rumbalara Aboriginal Cradle-2-Kinder program is to provide a long-term, intensive program to:

  • Improve child health and optimise child development

  • Promote child safety and stability

  • Strengthen parenting skills and capacity

  • Strengthen parents' mental health, communication skills and problem-solving skills

  • Increase family's connection to culture and community

  • Promote positive parent-child relationships and attachment.

Call 03 5820 0000 and ask for information on Cradle-2-Kinder services.


20 Rumbalara Road

Mooroopna 3629

P: 5820 2000

Rumbalara Bush Kindergarten

Rumbalara, in association with the Save the Children Early Learning Centre in Mooroopna, operates a Bush Kinder program.  


Bush Kindergarten is a model of 'unconstructed natural play', which encourages kindy kids to take the lead and play in the natural environment around them. Before they play in the bush, the children are taught by an Elder what is and isn't safe to play with. They are accompanied on bush walks and encouraged to play their own way, creating their own activities and enjoying time in nature. For example, Bush Kindergarten kids often build their own cubby houses, and paint and collect natural objects such as leaves and rocks.

Bush Kinder invites parents, carers and guardians to attend and join the children in activities. Call 03 5820 0000 and speak to Cheryl Bourke or Herb Goonan about times, enrolment and activities at Bush Kinder.

Save the Children Early Learning Centre Bush Kinder
Homework Club

Homework classes help students and their families with homework, curriculum-related activities, academic decisions and long-term planning. The integration of traditional language and culture into this model can help improve students' prosperity and wellbeing.

Nangarna Homework Club

We invite children to attend Homework Club on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at 20 Rumbalara Road, Mooroopna. Call 03 5820 0000 to enquire about enrolling in Nangarna Homework Club.

Koori Maternity Services

Provides flexible, culturally safe maternity care for mums expecting an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander baby.

Clinic access to maternal & child health nurses, midwives, obstetricians/gynaecologists and paediatricians.

Other supports include liaising with hospitals, transport for appointments, birth certificates, preparation for birth, education and home visits.

Rumbalara Aboriginal Autism Support Group

Rumbalara Family Services operates an Autism Support Group to help children and young people with autism, and their families, carers and guardians. The Group meets every second Wednesday of the month at 20 Rumbalara Road, Mooroopna. Parents and siblings are also invited to attend the meeting, which includes dinner and a play room for the children.

The Group aims to:

  • Encourage a parent-led or family-led agenda that relates to the collective needs of the family

  • Provide basic and essential information on support entitlements

  • Identify opportunities for parents and carers to take part in social, cultural and wellbeing activities

  • Identify additional support services that complement existing care and funding services

  • Generate support among Aboriginal families and the wider community on the appropriate care of Aboriginal children with autism

  • Determine Aboriginal-specific resources for children and families

  • Determine opportunities to enhance research on Aboriginal-specific support for families with autistic children, their needs and strengths, and the developmental needs of autistic Aboriginal children and young people.

Why do we need this service?

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative created this support group in response to a significant increase in children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder coming to Rumbalara Family Services for specialist and general support. For more information, call 03 5820 0000 and speak to Cheryl Bourke or Jacinta Ladgrove about meeting times and services offered by the Autism Support Group.